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Beth Stebner a New York-based editor and writer focusing on lifestyle, fashion, food, and travel, among other topics. Her work has been published in the New York Times, the New York Daily News,, Yahoo Beauty, Extra Crispy, StyleCaster, Bustle, and more. 

Picture-perfect Stockholm


A blog of my musings, rantings, insights, observations, and such. Opinions are strictly my own. 

Picture-perfect Stockholm

Beth Stebner

A few days ago, I went to the Fotografiska Museum with Mike and one of his classmates from Karolinska Institute. As we ambled through the endless pictures of Andres Serrano (oh, to see "Piss Christ" in all of its pixilated glory!), reportage, and the latest exhibit, "Bulletproof." The conversation shifted to our own photographic pursuits, and Mike's classmate asked if I enjoyed taking pictures.

"Yes!" I said. It's true, Stockholm has so many new places, interesting characters, things I don't often see back in New York like a 16th century kyrka, or church.

"You know, that's why they say Stockholm is one of the most Instagram-friendly cities," she said, pointing out her own collection of snaps on her iPhone, full of cobblestoned streets and Old World, lilting buildings.

The best time I've had here so far is simply exploring. Starting on a well-worn course and meandering to parts unknown has often led to my favorite images of the city. All you need is a camera, some resolve, and of course, the mandatory pair of white Chuck Taylors.