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Beth Stebner a New York-based editor and writer focusing on lifestyle, fashion, food, and travel, among other topics. Her work has been published in the New York Times, the New York Daily News,, Yahoo Beauty, Extra Crispy, StyleCaster, Bustle, and more. 



A blog of my musings, rantings, insights, observations, and such. Opinions are strictly my own. 

Goodbye to all that

Beth Stebner

Since my parents brought me several cardboard boxes full of my late grandmother's china over Christmas, I had piled them off to one corner, in part because I had nowhere to put them, but also because subconsciously I did not want to admit that my grandmother was gone. But after months of waiting, and in the wake of a new job, it was time to reconcile with the past. 

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Weighing in on the work-life Zeitgeist

Beth Stebner

Americans have been hard-wired to think that working hard and showing dedication automatically equates a promotion, a raise, and perhaps even some well-earned vacation time  somewhere down the line. The national conversation has only been fueled by Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg and Yahoo's Marissa Mayer. But spending that extra half an hour checking emails or staying hours after your shift was supposed to end has its limits - often intangibly so.

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Mean "Girls": My (many) issues with Lena Dunham as the voice of my generation

Beth Stebner

The ennui of my generation makes great fodder for artistic pursuits. It is not unlike the struggle of artists in 1960s Greenwich Village, or Hemingway’s Lost Generation, but while the Hannah Horvaths of the world are coming to terms with their financial realities, and the Shoshannah’s are dealing with wave of new emotions after losing their virginity, the one thing that “Girls” is missing is a higher goal. Not only that, it’s missing a pulse.

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